Vans Europe video!

Vans sta per far uscire il primo vero video di Vans con i rider europei!

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Never before has a release been as anticipated as the first ever skate movie from Vans. Titled VANS OFF THE WALL: 1966 and slated for release in Spring 2010, the movie has been in production for the past 12 months and was shot in various countries across the globe featuring sections from the most respected and talented skaters in the European arena today.

In addition to their obvious and active roles in the movie, the riders were also instrumental in the making of this project by suggesting ideas, destinations and music - giving the production its own unique stamp. The US, China, Czech Republic, UK, Dubai & Abu Dhabi, Spain and France were all visited and explored as the team searched out unknown spots that had never been skated or captured on film before.

Far from being a movie just about skateboarding for skateboarders, 1966’s appeal stretches beyond the tried and tested Skate video formula, acting as a travel journal across the continents and the evolution of skateboarding over the past five decades.

The Vans iconic waffle sole is used as the movie’s main character, taking the viewer on a journey across the ever-changing styles of skateboarding. As the movie progresses, so does the understanding of how the brand has always supported the core of skateboarding and became an integral part of its history and street culture in general.

The riders - featured in several flashback scenarios - are paying homage to Vans, the Van Doren family and the “Off the Wall” spirit.

Riders featured in the movie:

Alain Saavedra, Ben Grove, Chris Pfanner, Danny Wainwright, Flo Marfaing, Hugo Liard, Ignacio “Nachete” Morata, Joris Brichet, Kris Vile, Madars Apse, Micky Iglesias, Nicky Guerrero, Ross McGouran, Sam Partaix, Sarah Meurle, Tomas Vintr, Phil Zwijsen.

The movie as well as a small selection of photos from the journeys across the globe can be first seen at the exclusive “invite only” premiere on February 8th in Munich, Germany.

Check out for the trailer and further information.